Is Your Greatest Asset Covered?

Erika Ghaffari |

If you’re like many people, life insurance is top of mind when it comes to protecting your family and loved ones. But let’s be real—you only die once. Illness or accident, on the other hand, can take you out of the picture for an extended period, wreaking havoc on your financial life and your family’s. This is especially critical if you are single since there isn’t a fallback plan with a partner or spouse. According to Unum Insurance, nearly 41% of disability recipients are under 50, and nearly a third of those are under 40. A CDC report states that one in every 5 adults (20%!) has a disability. The way to sidestep catastrophe is with a solid disability or income protection plan. You might have one through your employer. But do you know what it covers? Is it enough? Erika Ghaffari of Ash Brokerage leads an enlightening overview of what a disability plan is and its role in protecting the assets you’ve worked so hard to build.



Erika Ghaffari is Regional Vice President of Protection Products with Ash Brokerage. She supports financial advisors and planners in the Greater Los Angeles area. Her specialty is facilitating conversations about life insurance, disability income and long-term care. Erika holds a B.A. from Loyola Marymount University.