Mission | Financial Services | Urban Wealth Management Group

Our mission at Urban Wealth Management Group is to provide our clients with autonomy to live lives of their own design, using all of their assets to fulfill their dreams and follow their passions.

Our mission grew from recognizing that for many decades, women—and especially women of color— have been underserved within the financial services industry, both as clients and professionals. We are proactive in leading the industry by serving the needs of an underserved group.

Our firm is built to help women connect with their own goals by understanding how their finances can grow to support the lifestyle they aspire to lead. We are driven by a fierce commitment to lead by example and change the financial services industry by building a team that looks like the people it wants to serve.

We aspire for our clients to move out of neutral and become brave and strategic about their money and their investments. We want all of our clients to have the confidence to build flexible plans and master vital tools on the road to becoming financially savvy that’s tailored to them.

Our mantra: “It’s never too late.” There is always an opportunity to start fresh and keep moving forward. You simply don’t have to do it alone, join our mission by becoming a client!