Whatever You Do It's YOUR Business!

AnGèle Cade |

Entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs! You have an idea, a vision. You can see how things would be better if you could just bring your expertise into the world. But how do you get started? Where do you begin—and then what do you do next?

AnGèle M. Cade seeks to educate and motivate the brilliant entrepreneurs of our time. Her sole mission is to show entrepreneurs exactly how to blend their expertise, passion, and unique superpowers to actualize their visions and start living purposefully. She empowers entrepreneurs with the tools they need to identify their purpose, clarify their visions, and create a roadmap to making their dreams real.

In our November Smart Women/Savvy Money webinar, AnGèle shares a little of her own superpower to help you see how to clarify your vision and get started on your own path. Let the progress begin! Don’t be daunted by the hard stuff—because no matter how hard it is, overcoming hardship is what makes life so much sweeter. This is your time. This is your journey. Give yourself permission today to let the journey begin.




For twenty years, AnGèle M. Cade has helped entrepreneurs develop effective corporate structures. She is CEO and co-founder of Executive On the Go, a thriving consulting firm for entrepreneurs. After developing thousands of businesses worldwide, AnGèle is known as the go–to expert for structural business needs. She walks alongside her clients so they are set up for security and success.

When not consulting, she enjoys speaking, teaching, and training on goal-setting and vision development. AnGèle is a devoted wife and mother, a passionate community leader, and a champion for women, active on multiple boards including CALE Now!, A Kid Like Aundon, and the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs. She has committed her life’s experience to help solve problems and empower those around her.