Take Back Your Fabulous!

Wendy Ida |

If you’re making New Year’s Resolutions, I’m willing to bet something related to health and wellness is in your top three. Whether it’s committing to being more active, changing your eating habits, or finding ways to reduce stress, watching your health is an important part of creating the lifestyle you desire and deserve. In this webinar, Wendy Ida, Two-time Guinness World Record awardee, NPC Body Building and Figure Championships National Champion, and author of the best-selling book Take Back Your Life! (and René’s trainer), joins us for a talk that will drive your ambition.



Wendy Ida (EE-da) is an internationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, TV host, life transformation coach and fitness expert, Guinness World Record holder, and eight-time award-winning National Fitness Champion. She won the Indie literary award for her book, Take Back Your Life: My No-Nonsense Approach to Health Fitness and Looking Good Naked! You can learn more about Wendy by visiting www.wendyida.com or her YouTube channel.