Reverse Mortgages for Retirement Planning

Janice Cohen |

How much is your house sitting on? There are a lot of differing opinions out there about reverse mortgages. Are they safe? Can they be used for retirement or longevity planning? Janice Cohen has been a licensed Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer for many years and has witnessed the transformation of reverse mortgages from an option of last resort to a key component of strategic financial and estate planning. In 2013, the Reverse Mortgage Stabilization Act introduced new levels of transparency requirements, standardized procedures, and regulatory oversight, allowing borrowers and their families to use reverse mortgages to secure their financial future. In this webinar, Janice takes us through the essential facts and possibilities of reverse mortgages.



Janice Cohen is a reverse mortgage specialist with more than 16 years of experience in this special area of lending. She approaches each transaction from the perspective of a mortgage planner, carefully scrutinizing clients’ cash flow, equity position, and assets. Janice takes special care when guiding seniors through the reverse mortgage process. Her goal is to be sure there are no surprises and that clients have control of the process as much as possible.

Janice holds a master’s degree in sacred music. She spent more than 20 years as a cantor in a reform synagogue in New Jersey and still officiates at special events for friends and family. Janice’s husband works for DC Comics; they came to Los Angeles more than a decade ago when he moved from publishing to TV and film.