Retirement is Not for the Weak!

Devra Korwin |

When people talk about retirement planning, they usually mean important financial planning activities. However, as retirement draws closer, it's equally essential to prepare for the non-financial challenges that will accompany your transition from employment to your “3rd Act.” Retirement involves many emotional, psychological, intellectual, and physical adjustments as people disengage from job identities, schedules, and daily socialization—as well as opportunities to apply their expertise and be recognized for their contributions. Without preparation, joyful expectations for retirement can quickly shift to frustration, boredom, procrastination, depression, and feelings of inadequacy. René Nourse talks with certified coach Devra Korwin about what to expect and how to manage the emotional, psychological, intellectual, and physical adjustments of “The New Retirement.”



Devra Korwin is a Certified Transition and Retirement Coach and a Professional Certified Coach. She works to help people achieve their goals, enhance their lives, assess and address challenges, and implement solutions.