No Bag Ladies Here!

Christen Berman |

Does stress about your financial future keep you up at night? You’re not alone. Women all over the world worry about ending up destitute in their later years—otherwise known as the Bag Lady Syndrome. But there are no bag ladies here! In this webinar, Christen Berman of Fraser Financial Group joins René Nourse to share ideas on how to create an income plan built with longevity in mind. They discuss the challenges of retirement, how to set up your assets to work better together, and how to protect your plan against major risks. The keys to having a healthy, wealthy and wise life may very well surprise you!



“Financial Peace of Mind Strategist” Christen Berman is Managing Director at Redwood Tax Specialists in West Lake Village, California. Her financial expertise ranges from tax planning to insurance strategies, for individuals as well as businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs.

A longtime friend of UWM, Christen understands how daunting it can be to take charge of your financial life. She loves helping people understand how money really works—including how to put the power of “uninterrupted compounded interest” to work to fund college education, a new car, or real estate, while still growing your nest egg. Her motto is “Helping you build your greatest wealth—your peace of mind."