Mid-Year Vision Board Playshop

Deborah Deras |

How is your vision? Are your goals and actions aligned for success? Are you stuck in certain areas of your life and ready for a breakthrough? Ready to make the second half of this year your best half of the year? Award-winning Latina Peak Performance speaker and Manifestation Queen Deborah Deras joins us to talk about the power of vision boarding to clarify your dreams and desires so you can start moving intentionally toward them. Watch the highlights of our two-and-a-half-hour creative session with Deborah!  



Deborah Deras is one of the top Latina speakers in North America, as well as a successful entrepreneur, author, master results coach, and social media strategist. She is a sought-after keynote speaker who helps Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, and associations improve productivity, engagement, and retention.

Deborah is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their dreams and “align for success” by aligning their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with their goals. Her podcasts Align for Success and Be A Paid Speaker Now feature cutting-edge tips to help aspiring leaders shift their mindset, clarify their intention and message, and hone their skills to reach their full potential.