Make Social Security Work For You

René Nourse, CFP® |

Almost everyone pays into Social Security. But do you know how the system works, what you are eligible for, and when and how to access benefits? A 2018 audit found that the Social Security Administration has been underpaying thousands of widows and widowers—just because they weren't aware of options for which they qualified. Another issue that can impact benefits is applying for Social Security too soon—before “full retirement age”. Do this and not only will your benefits be lowered over your lifetime but any wages you earn above a certain limit could reduce your benefits even further. (Yikes!)

Social Security has many advantages and a broad range of benefits. But they need to be accessed at the right time and in the right way. Otherwise, you could experience lost or reduced benefits over your lifetime. René Nourse explains Social Security benefits, their requirements, and filing strategies that can help you maximize your income.