Cutting the Digital Umbilical Cord

Zenobia Millet |

We live in a digital world and suffice to say we’re never going back to doing things the way we used to— listening to music, talking to friends, holding a business meeting, or watching our favorite shows. The great thing is you can do all of these things on all kinds of devices. But how the heck do you keep them all charged and ready to use? If you’re like most people, you’re probably tired of carrying around cables, cords, and wires—and you better have the right one with you! Tech Diva Zenobia Millet is back to explain how we can be free. Just make sure your device is fully charged, so you don’t miss a moment!



Zenobia Millet is an insightful serial entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, and funding specialist who unites her passion for technology with finance, fashion, and lifestyle. Her career includes 30+ years spearheading top-notch audio and video delivery in entertainment and corporate settings.

She is an award-winning interactive multimedia producer and recording engineer with a zest for breaking boundaries, becoming the first African- American chapter chair of the prestigious international Audio Engineering Society as well as the first female member of the venerable Sapphire Group. A lover of jazz, she hosts and broadcasts an eclectic networking event popularly known as the “Tea, Tech, and Tequila Immersive Salon.” Zenobia is mother to three gorgeous women and “Nana Zee” to eight grandchildren. She also aspires to attend every jazz festival around the world!