Breast Cancer Awareness: Here is What You Need to Know

Bobbi Ivanova |

Bobbi Ivanova, CFA provides a general overview of Impact investing and how to generate positive, measurable impact alongside a financial return. More specifically, how Simplify is viewing impact investing and their pro bono fund PINK that donates to the breast cancer foundation Susan G. Komen. In addition, Bobbi outlines the healthcare and biotech stocks the fund is invested in and share thoughts on healthcare trends, outlook, and Simplify’s efforts in democratizing access to alternative investments.



At Simplify, Bobbi Ivanova is utilizing modern asset allocation solutions to develop relationships with RIAs, family offices and institutional clients. She started her career as a risk manager at Goldman Sachs focusing on OTC FX and interest rates instruments within the interbank channel.

Bobbi then pivoted to the asset management arm of Goldman Sachs distributing investment strategies across various institutional investors including consultants, corporates, pension plans, and asset managers.

She was overseeing 30 billion in AUM on behalf of Goldman Sachs institutional clients. Afterward, Bobbi and her family moved to New Zealand to pursue her MBA degree and was a Business Development Manager for a rapidly growing startup TAMP working closely with financial advisors.

Bobbi holds an MBA from the University of Canterbury, a bachelor's degree from International Business School, and is a CFA charterholder. Bobbi and her husband spend the weekends with their two boys enjoying the great outdoor activities in Utah.