5 Potent Tips to Get Your Financial Life in Gear

Susan Shloss |

René Nourse joins Susan Shloss for Susan’s Money, Justice & Spirituality Monthly Forum, a series designed to help support people’s needs along their prosperity and justice journey, in the context of spirituality. Women represent 51.1% of the US population but tend to be overlooked and underserved in the financial services industry. René is passionate about changing this! Here she shares five simple but impactful tips to help you meet your financial goals for your life.




Susan Shloss is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® who combines practical financial expertise with intuitive inspiration. With more than 25 years in financial services, Susan has worked as an investment specialist and operations manager at Charles Schwab and built a 6-figure bookkeeping business. In her coaching practice, Money Wisdom Coaching, she is committed to doing her part to change a system of dominance and oppression to one of equity and inclusion. She aspires to facilitate transformation for all who struggle with money, offering powerful tools to support deep change with compassion and respect. Susan’s degree in Music Therapy informs her work, allowing her to bring auditory healing with her violin to enhance people’s experience. Her study of energy healing, bodywork, yoga, and a lifelong meditation practice help her support clients in self-care needs that rest at the foundation of an abundant life.