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Social Security Cards, from Depositphotos.com

Make Social Security Work For You: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

Almost everybody pays into Social Security. But do you know how it works, what the benefits are, or when and how to access them? In this session, René Nourse will review general Social Security benefits, as well as some helpful income filing strategies.

Doing Taxes

What's Up with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act? A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

Want to know how tax reform will affect your tax situation? Please join us for a presentation on tax reform highlights and strategies to be considered in 2018. Presenter Bella Wang, a CPA with the tax firm Windes, will discuss the implications and insights of the new tax law changes.

Spoons of sugar

How to Combat Sugar Addiction: A Smart Women Webinar

Sugar is everywhere around us, sometimes in unexpected places. If you have ever tried to cut out sugar—or even just cut back on your consumption—you know it can be a challenge. Registered Dietician Sarah Greenfield will lead us in a webinar about ways to start eliminating excess sugar from your diet and combat the cravings that sometimes accompany these changes.


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