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Estate Planning is More Than Just a Trust: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Podcast

Got a trust? Great. Are you done? Nope. Attorney Sona Tatiyants will discuss important estate planning "extras" that you don't want to overlook. Learn more, and sign up to be notified when the podcast is available.

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Bring Magic and Sparkle to Your Interview: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Podcast

Leave a fabulous impression. Yasmeen Muqtasid will share successful strategies to stand out and differentiate yourself during an interview. Blow everyone away!

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Perfect Your Perfect Pitch: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Podcast

Your personal pitch needs to be relevant, timely, and effective, and your success depends on your self-confidence and professionalism. Internationally acclaimed speaker Mimi Donaldson will present tested, achievable ways to improve the quality of your personal pitch so you can sell your best product—you!

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Slam Your Scammers: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Podcast

Scams are so common these days. But technology is a fact of life. How can you protect yourself and slam the door on scammers? "Tech Diva" Zenobia Millet has tips to empower you to recognize and resist scams. Take control and fight back!


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