Upcoming Events

Spoons of sugar

How to Combat Sugar Addiction: A Smart Women Webinar

Sugar is everywhere around us, sometimes in unexpected places. If you have ever tried to cut out sugar—or even just cut back on your consumption—you know it can be a challenge. Registered Dietitian Sarah Greenfield will lead us in a webinar about ways to start eliminating excess sugar from your diet and combat the cravings that sometimes accompany these changes.

Feeling drained after work

Do More that Energizes, Less that Drains: A Smart Women Webinar

Does your daily routine drain you or energize you? Susette Aguiar-Possnack will share tips to identify strengths and "drainers" and use that knowledge to start living a happier and more fulfilled life.

Medicare Maze

Take the Mystery Out of Medicare: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

If you think Medicare is a bundle of "government-ese", you are right!

Protecting your digital assets

Cover Your Digital Assets! A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

Most of us have parts of our lives online in some capacity. What happens to those assets if you become incapacitated or die? Megan Rivet and Laura Chooljian discuss what you can do to protect your digital assets.

Dr. Lois P. Frankel

Lead with Courage & Confidence: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

Dr. Lois P. Frankel is back just in time for us to reflect on our personal goals for 2018 and plan for 2019. She will discuss her favorite topic: leadership. 


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