Thoughts About Style

Jana Coke |

Style Intelligence

I believe that the strength of a great personal style starts with knowing your “Style Personality.” As a personal stylist, I spend a significant amount of time identifying and educating my clients on how to create consistency in their shopping habits and personal brand identity. Everything from texture, silhouette, and color are nonverbal visual cues into your style identity.

I’ve found there are four Style Personalities that almost every woman identifies based on her emotions, temperament, and lifestyle. Your individual Style Personality is defined by the dominant emotion attached to how you want to feel and be perceived every time you get dressed. This factor drives your purchases, your brand preferences, and the general curation of your wardrobe.

Express Yourself

Once a woman learns her Style Personality, she will immediately start to identify the items in her closet that do not align. She will understand why her favorite outfit is her favorite. It’s about a consistent feeling — the emotions that come into play in all of your wardrobe choices. It’s not situational or dependent on an occasion.

Sure, most women want to feel sexy on a date and polished at work, and experience comfort on the weekend. Those are situational feelings, not an outflowing of who you are at your core. Your authentic Style Personality is a reflection of your overall approach to life.

Here are some examples:

  • A Sexy Woman is bold. She’s assertive in all areas of her life. She was raised as an only child or the eldest.
  • A Feminine Woman is an introvert. She is reflective and thoughtful in her communications.
  • A Classic Woman is poised and direct. Her leadership style is diplomatic and dependable.
  • A Comfortable Woman has an easy-going demeanor. She enjoys a night in.

When a woman is not dressing in alignment with her authentic Style Personality, it shows up as discomfort in her clothes and discontentment with her wardrobe. A Sexy Woman dressed as a Comfortable Woman will feel stifled in her life — and vice versa. With all this said, many women have a secondary Style Personality that affects how they express their Primary Style.

On my website, you can find a quiz to help you discover Primary and Secondary Style Personality. I hope you enjoy discovering your Style Identity. A version of this blog was originally published at Jana Coke Style.