Thank You for Ten Years!

Urban Wealth Management |

June 15, 2022 marked Urban Wealth Management’s tenth anniversary. Can you believe it?

It was ten years ago that René Nourse left the world of corporate financial services. Her goal was to create her own platform that would serve clients—and address the special, unmet needs of women investors—by encouraging them to think strategically about future needs in relation to their life circumstances, goals, and principles. Supported by April Charles, René established Urban Wealth Management to help women, in particular, “live the life they desire and deserve.” This has remained a core element of UWM's mission ever since.

Since then, Urban Wealth Management has grown thanks to you: our clients, friends, and community. The vision that moved René ten years ago still guides the firm. Meanwhile, options for meeting this vision continue to expand as the financial services sector has recognized and responded to people's desire to invest their wealth in things that really matter to them.

All of us at UWM feel so blessed and grateful to be observing this milestone. You have made Urban Wealth Management what it is today. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to serving you long into the future!

We were honored to share a celebration of this anniversary with our clients.