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50 Things About Personal Finance

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Smart Women ~ Savvy Money

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The Tech Diva: Hack‑proof Your Life

A Smart Women 20/10 Webinar, April 13th

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5 Things to Know About the "B" Word

Your budget is your pair of ruby slippers

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Your Life. Your Legacy.

A Conversation with Betty LaMarr of EmpowHer Institute

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Life Is Fluid.
Your Financial Plan
Should Be, Too.

At Urban Wealth Management, we know that the decisions you make today define your choice of lifestyle tomorrow. Our sole objective is to help you use your wealth to create the life you desire and deserve. We work to ensure that our clients’ financial plan reflects their values, desired lifestyle and ultimately, their legacy.

Forward Thinking ~ Smart Planning. Join us and let’s look forward together.

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Smart Women ~ Savvy Money

It’s time for you to step up and step into your future. Women are the new thought leaders changing the landscape of Wealth Management. And here is where you can begin your journey. Engage UWM today to create the plan that meets your unique needs as a strong, empowered woman.


Our vision is that every woman will live a life of her design using her wealth to fulfill her dreams, enjoy her passions and expand her interests.


Our Mission is to provide a supportive and secure environment where women are encouraged to explore and learn to become more savvy with their money.

Events + Media

Hack-proof Your Life — A Smart Women 20/10 Webinar

Bump, Dump, Mess

René Nourse reviews the markets in a lively Closing Bell Exchange.


Health Savings Accounts: A Major Trifecta!

Posted March 20, 2017 by Rene Nourse

HSAs are one of the most overlooked employee benefits with tremendous tax advantages and retirement planning potential. Tax-deductible contributions. Tax-free withdrawals for qualified medical expenses. Tax-free earnings. No “use it or lose it” provision. Sound good? Learn more!

René Nourse — Featured Profile in Pax World Management's "Women & Wealth" Newsletter

Posted March 13, 2017 by Urban Wealth Management

Enjoy this interview with René, featured in the March 2017 "Women & Wealth" Newsletter from Pax World Management.

Your Life. Your Legacy. A Conversation with Betty LaMarr

Posted March 08, 2017 by Diane Manuel

Diane Manuel’s conversation with Betty LaMarr, founder of EmpowHer Institute, which empowers marginalized girls through education, training, and mentorship.

Guest Blog: 5 Ways to Move Beyond Your Money Fears

Posted March 02, 2017 by Urban Wealth Management

In this “5 Things” guest post, financial coach Imelda Villalobos and group therapist Zoe Gillis provide some concrete tips for getting past your money fears.

Supersize Your Retirement Planning

Posted March 02, 2017 by Rene Nourse

It doesn’t take an advanced degree to know that the more you put into a retirement account, the more you’ll have later. But how much should you be putting away? And how much should you have to make sure you can live comfortably in retirement? And what if you’re not at that level yet? According to a recent study, a few percentage points can make a dramatic difference over time.