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  • Life Is Fluid. Your Financial Plan Should Be Too.

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About Urban Wealth Management

Life is fluid and your financial plan should be, too.

At Urban Wealth Management, we believe that Financial Planning is the starting point for all matters related to wealth management. Your financial plan should determine how your wealth (ought to) be managed — not the other way around.

Our process is more than just acquiring data, crunching numbers and reviewing pages of projections. Connecting with and understanding who you are as a person is just as important as helping you define and reach your financial goals. Armed with that insight, we design strategies that can not only help you achieve your financial goals, but will reflect your values, desired lifestyle and legacy.


Smart Women ~ Savvy Money

It's Time!

It’s time for you to step up and step into your future. Women are the new thought leaders changing the landscape of Wealth Management. And here is where you can begin your journey. Engage UWM today to create the plan that meets your unique needs as a strong, empowered woman.


Our vision is that every woman will live a life of her design using her wealth to fulfill her dreams, enjoy her passions and expand her interests.


Our Mission is to provide a supportive and secure environment where women are encouraged to explore and learn to become more savvy with their money.


Events + Media

No Bag Ladies Here! - Smart Women 20/10 Webinar

July 9, 2015 - 1:00pm to 1:30pm

The Smart Women 20/10 is designed to provide women with the tools necessary towards becoming savvy with their money.

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