Closing Bell, February 2015

Our founder, René Nourse, was recently on CNBC's Closing Bell, and here's what she had to say regarding the Dow this year. 

Will the Dow hit 20,000 this year? René Nourse has confidence that it will. 

According to René, it doesn't matter what the Fed does because our economy has been strong enough to support it. It's a slow and steady type of process, but the Feds have been very transparent so we know exactly what they are thinking. The only thing we don't know is when they are going to flip the switch. 

And while the Fed made it clear they are concerned about what the market will do when they start raising rates, René is not concerned. 

We've already seen the first shot across the bow, with Walmart coming out a week ago saying they will be raising wages for their employees, which was something the Fed noted they were looking for. 

Don't forget to catch René on CNBC this upcoming Sunday, March 1 on CNBC Asia's The Rundown at 2:05PM PT.