Welcome, Smart Women!

The Smart Woman/Savvy Money Club exists to empower women to take control of their financial future. René Nourse was inspired to create the SWSM Club to provide financial education and virtual networking opportunities for women of all ages and backgrounds. We know women are smart! But there's a gap between being smart and becoming savvy about your finances. We want all women to have the knowledge and confidence to make good choices about their money and their future.

Smart Women are busy. They have full lives, lots of responsibilities, and often not much time to manage and plan their own financial lives. (We understand this, because we're women, too!) Our goal is to have your back—to equip you to have important conversations at the intersection of finances and lifestyle.

Our Next SWSM Event
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You Don't Know What You Don't Know About Medicare: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

Choosing a Medicare health plan can be very confusing! Melinda Gann joins René Nourse to talk about choosing the right kind of plan, getting answers to your questions about care, and timing your sign-up so that you maximize your benefits.

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Women Living Through Transition: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

Divorce or widowhood change your whole world and drive major changes in your legal and financial status. Even for the most savvy, it can take you by surprise and could have far-reaching effects on your future and family. Anna Felix will join us to share lessons from her own experience and her… Continue reading

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Investing in Cryptocurrency: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

Have you thought about investing in cryptocurrency? Where should you begin? Katherine Dowling, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Bitwise Asset Management, will talk about common questions investors have about getting started with cryptocurrency assets.

The Vision of the SWSM Club

We love what we do. Our expertise is in managing money—but our experiences are what enable us to connect with people.

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Many times, an unexpected crisis faced by a friend or family member prompts a woman to start looking for answers to financial questions. For every woman, in every situation, the message of the SWSM Club is this:

(1) It is never too late. We encourage women to leave the past behind. Stop reflecting on what you "could" have done with your money.

(2) You can do this. You can move out of neutral and be brave, bold, and strategic about using your money.

Like you, we know what it's like to be a professional woman on an exciting career path. We know what it's like to be single, and part of a couple. We've faced the loss of family members—we know how difficult it is to say goodbye to parents, grandparents, and partners. We understand the unique needs of raising special children. We've experienced mixed emotions following divorce and the responsibility of being a single mom. We know the feeling. And, with you, we celebrate the endless opportunities to design a life of our own desiring.

Join the Club!

You're smart. Are you ready to build your financial savvy, too? Join the Smart Women/Savvy Money Club today. We can't wait to meet you!

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