How Much Investment Risk Can You Handle?

Let's be honest: while some investments promise great rewards, the risk of loss can be just as great. Avoid all but the safest bets, and you might not see the gains you hope for.  

So how should you invest? A good starting point is to know how much risk you can handle. Got 5 minutes? Take this quick quiz, and on a scale of 1-99, you'll get a risk number. Then, you'll probably want to know if the risk score for your investments matches your number.  Let us know and we'll send you a one-time "sync link" and you'll be able to see the score for your investment portfolios, including 401k/403b and Brokerage accounts.

The quiz only takes a few minutes to complete, so why not start now?



What You'll Get From Us

Take a look at the report sample pages below.  Compare Joan's risk score (page 2) with her investment portfolio score (page 3). That's a big difference! Getting them aligned is critical to reducing investment stress so you can enjoy the benefits of investing on your own terms.