Moving from working life to retirement is a big transition. As life spans have increased, more and more people are entering retirement hale, healthy, and eager to enjoy the world. That's why we prefer to call this stage your “Third Act”. You are not going away—you’re just getting started!

This is especially true for women, who continue to have longer lives on average than men of their generation. Under circumstances such as these, a small nest egg isn’t enough. You need a variety of income sources that can last for 25 years, or 30 years, or even longer. You also need a plan to coordinate different sources of income, so you can draw on the right ones at the right times.


As employers have phased out pension programs, the responsibility for retirement planning rests squarely on the shoulders of individual women and men. Your plan for retirement will be unique to you, whether you are single, part of a couple, or the head of a large household. We can also help you through transitions that can occur with the passing of parents or partners.

A Third-Act Financial Plan as Unique as You

Whether you are just getting started planning or getting closer to retirement, the all-woman team at Urban Wealth Management can help create a financial plan for your retirement that will meet your unique needs. Our retirement planning services include:

  • Pre-retirement planning
  • Post-retirement planning
  • Reviews of 401(k), IRA, and Roth IRA portfolios and offerings
  • Social Security and Medicare filing strategies
  • Retirement “bucket” income planning
  • Planning for post-retirement health care costs

Because your future starts with a solid financial plan, some of our retirement planning services can overlap with our financial planning platform(s). We’ll help you figure out which services and strategies are right for you. 

Located in South Bay, Serving Clients Nationwide

Urban Wealth Management provides retirement planning services to people at all ages and stages of their lives and careers. As professional women ourselves, we are especially attuned to the unique needs of women, and our retirement plans are designed with these needs in mind. Our office is located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, a short 15-minute drive south of Los Angeles International Airport. Ready to talk about your retirement plan? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary 30-minute chat!