Your future starts with a solid financial plan. At Urban Wealth Management, we will help you identify your goals, find the best road(s) for you to take, provide you with the best tools and resources available, and estimate how long it will take to reach your goals. We have a variety of different offerings designed to meet your unique financial situation, whether you are single or part of a couple, married or unmarried, newly single through divorce or widowhood, running a business, or enjoying a great career. Our team of Certified Financial Planners™ is made up entirely of women, including women of color, and we specialize in working with women of all ages and at all stages of life—as well as their partners, families, dependents, and loved ones. We’re based in Los Angeles with clients all over the United States.

Get in Gear with Urban Wealth Management

Our Get-in-Gear (GIG) planning programs are tailored to address the needs of our wide-ranging clientele, including busy professional women and men. Individuals, families, business owners—everyone’s needs are different. We have different programs to meet different needs. But one attribute is consistent across all our programs: we will be your partner. We want to help you make better decisions. We want to help you be intentional about how your money and wealth support your goals and desires. Each GIG Program provides a roadmap to your financial success and to support you on your financial journey.

Individuals who invest $250,000 or more with Urban Wealth Management receive our financial planning services at no additional cost.

Essential GIG
Pregnant couple

The Essential “Get-in-Gear” financial planning package is designed to support individuals and families on their fundamental path toward improving their financial lives. It’s a perfect fit for people who are just starting to build out their financial lives. Fresh from college? New to the workforce? Changed jobs? New life situation? The Essential GIG is for you. 

To help us understand your unique financial situation, we'll meet one-on-one to discuss a variety of financial and lifestyle questions and help you identify, understand, and prioritize financial factors that could have a big impact on your future well-being. Our fee platform is flexible, and the package includes consultations and coaching over a year. (Not just one-and-done!)

The Essential GIG financial planning package lasts for 12 months, with 6–7 meetings over that time. Elements of the program include:

  • Set-up and access to your own Personal Financial Dashboard, an interactive digital tool for real-time tracking of your financial goals
  • Personal Financial Reports: Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, and Net Worth
  • Employee Benefits Review
  • Employee Retirement Plan Review
  • Debt Management
  • Access to our vetted network of financial professionals


Individual Family
$2,560 $3,760
We offer a 10% discount for prepayment.


Preview our Personal Financial Dashboard


Deluxe GIG
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If you need complete and overarching financial services, our Deluxe GIG is for you. The package is for individuals and families who need to establish a foundation for growing and maintaining their wealth. Growing families? Promotions at work? Want to get to a better financial space? This program is for you. 

Life is fluid, and your financial plan should be, too. The Deluxe GIG includes regular one-on-one meetings to review financial, career, and lifestyle changes that could affect your future well-being. We have flexible fee options based on portfolio worth and/or complexity.

The Deluxe GIG financial planning package lasts for 12 months, with 8–10 meetings over that time. The program includes everything in the Essential GIG plus:

  • Insurance Risk Management Review
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Portfolio Risk Review
  • Investment Review
  • Tax Planning
  • Life and Estate Planning Review
  • Basic College Planning
  • Retirement Planning & Withdrawal Strategies
  • Stock Options Planning
  • Personal (Home) Real Estate Review
  • Social Security and Medicare Planning
  • Coordination with Your Financial, Legal, and Insurance Professionals


Individual Family
$4,000 $5,200
We offer a 10% discount for prepayment.


Elite GIG

Have complexity in your life? The Elite “Get-in-Gear” package is a fully customizable program designed for affluent individuals and families. Perhaps you’re a business owner. You have inherited assets. You’ve saved well. This program will set you up to make smarter decisions as you support your dreams and your family, including advice about taxes, insurance and multi-generational estate planning.

The Elite GIG package lasts for 12 months, with unlimited one-on-one meetings. The program includes everything in the Essential and Deluxe GIG packages plus:

  • Advising on Family and Elderly Parents Caregiving
  • Business Financial Planning Review
  • Investment Real Estate Review
  • Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Multigenerational Planning
  • College Planning
  • Business Insurance
  • Divorce Planning
  • Consultation on Other Special Needs
  • A discount on other GIG packages for family members


Individual Family
$7,560 $10,000
We offer a 10% discount for prepayment.


Check-in GIG
Working mom and daughter

Once you’ve completed your Essential, Deluxe, or Elite GIG program, you'll want a partner by your side to help you stay on track. That's what our Check-In GIG is designed to provide. We'll check with you quarterly just to confirm that you are on track in creating and maintaining the lifestyle you desire and deserve. And if anything life-changing occurs, we're ready to step into action.

This pared-down service offering provides ongoing access to your Personal Financial Dashboard and quarterly reviews of these topics, as appropriate to your needs:

  • Personal & Family Goals
  • Cash Flow
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investments
  • Life & Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Employee Benefits
  • Business Planning


Individual Family
$125/month $175/month
This special pricing is available to UWM clients who have completed any one-year Get-In-Gear (GIG) program.


At Home in the South Bay, Serving Clients Nationwide

Urban Wealth Management provides financial planning and asset management services to all kinds of people at all ages and life stages. We are especially attuned to the unique financial needs of women, and our services were created with the special planning needs of women in mind. Our office is located in Los Angeles, California—just a short 15-minute drive south of Los Angeles International Airport—in the City of El Segundo.

Ready to get started? Or want to know more? Contact us a complimentary 30-minute chat to discuss where you are now financially and where you want to go.