Past Events

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages for Retirement Planning: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

There is a lot of information — and lots of opinions — about reverse mortgages. As a licensed Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer, Janice Cohen has witnessed the transformation of reverse mortgages from an option of last resort to a key component of strategic financial and estate planning. She will take us through the basics of this sometimes overlooked financial option.

Mother and Daughter Bicycling

Caring for Yourself and Your Loved Ones: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

What's your long-term care plan? Elder caregiving can be challenging, stress-inducing, and complex. There are many decisions to make, and having a plan is essential. UWM's own Derenda King leads our July webinar, with a discussion how long-term care planning can benefit you and your family.

Diverse Women

Webinar: Be Your Own Princess Charming

Sometimes it's better to think "single" when it comes to money. Many women are marrying later, not marrying, divorcing, or outliving their spouses. Shouldn't you be prepared to make your own happily ever after? Derenda King shares invaluable strategies to help your retirement income last as long as you do!

working with a financial planner

Preventing Financial Elder Abuse: A Smart Women/Savvy Lifestyle Webinar

You are a savvy earner and investor and you’ve spent a lifetime acquiring wealth to attain a certain lifestyle and secure your future. The last thing you want is to lose it all to a scam artist in your later years. Kathleen Duke will discuss ways you can keep it from happening to you and your loved ones.

Get Clarity About Your Money

Master Class: Invest in Yourself - Waiting for Perfection

The third and final seminar in Diane Manuel's FREE financial Master Class series to help you "Get Clarity about Your Money & Wealth"

Women Enjoying Life

Webinar: What Every Woman Should Know About Social Security

No Bag Ladies Here! Social Security is important to women at every stage of life. It's never too early or too late to start planning for retirement and, for many women, Social Security is a crucial element. Derenda King leads this informative, FREE webinar!

Woman Celebrating


Mark your calendars for our amazing 2019 Women’s Summit, benefiting Bloom Again Foundation!


Your Shape, Your Style: A Smart Women/Savvy Lifestyle Webinar

Your Style Personality expresses who you are, and who you want to become. There is no ideal body shape — whatever shape you are is perfect for you. The key is finding flattering silhouettes, so that nothing gets in the way of your confidence. Style consultant Jana Coke is back to talk about finding your style personality, in harmony with your shape.

Women and Investing

Webinar: Tips for First-Time Women Investors

What is one of the biggest financial mistakes that women make? Not Investing! Whether you're married, suddenly single, single by choice, or the main breadwinner, knowing how to invest is vital to your future. Join Derenda King to learn clear, actionable tips for getting started.


Find Your Season of Greatness: A Smart Women/Savvy Lifestyle Webinar

In the second quarter of 2019, our focus shifts to living a Savvy Lifestyle. The always uplifting Wendy Gladney will start us off with a discussion of how to find your "Season of Greatness".


At Urban Wealth Management, our mission is to create a supportive and secure environment where women are encouraged to be engaged in their financial affairs and take ownership in creating the life they desire and deserve. Our vision is that every woman should live a life of her design, using her wealth to fulfill her dreams, enjoy her passions, and expand her interests. If you’re ready to begin the journey, connect with us for a complimentary half-hour chat.