Past Events

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Being Wealthy: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

Are you earning money or accumulating wealth? UWM's own Diane Manuel will bring us strategies for getting started on the road to wealth — including how to face down your money fears.

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Women. Wealth. Boss. Make Money Your BAE

Over two Wednesday evenings in October, Diane will share her thoughts about money and investments. Geared toward women, these two 30-minute webinars will demystify the savings and investment process. Join her as she discusses how to get clarity about wealth and investing in a way that is fun, easy, and digestible.

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Workshop: An Inside Look at Qualifying for Financial Aid

College financial aid planning can feel overwhelming, but it's essential since poor planning (or none) can leave families saddled with debt. Derenda King leads this free educational workshop on college financial aid planning, including a complimentary dinner!

Mount Saint Mary's University 2019 Women's Leadership Conference

Mount Saint Mary's University 2019 Women's Leadership Conference

The theme of the Mount Saint Mary's University 2019 Women's Leadership Conference is #BestBoldYou. Come hear Diane Manuel in a panel on how to create positive social change and serve the public good—without running for office.

What’s Your Caregiving Plan? A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

Caring for aging loved ones can sneak up on you. Conversations about long-term care are easy to put off when loved ones are healthy and independent, and they can be even harder to initiate later on. Senior-care consultant Jill Love will discuss what you need to know, and ways to open the door to conversation and planning.

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages for Retirement Planning: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

There is a lot of information — and lots of opinions — about reverse mortgages. As a licensed Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer, Janice Cohen has witnessed the transformation of reverse mortgages from an option of last resort to a key component of strategic financial and estate planning. She will take us through the basics of this sometimes overlooked financial option.

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Caring for Yourself and Your Loved Ones: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Webinar

What's your long-term care plan? Elder caregiving can be challenging, stress-inducing, and complex. There are many decisions to make, and having a plan is essential. UWM's own Derenda King leads our July webinar, with a discussion how long-term care planning can benefit you and your family.

Diverse Women

Webinar: Be Your Own Princess Charming

Sometimes it's better to think "single" when it comes to money. Many women are marrying later, not marrying, divorcing, or outliving their spouses. Shouldn't you be prepared to make your own happily ever after? Derenda King shares invaluable strategies to help your retirement income last as long as you do!

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Preventing Financial Elder Abuse: A Smart Women/Savvy Lifestyle Webinar

You are a savvy earner and investor and you’ve spent a lifetime acquiring wealth to attain a certain lifestyle and secure your future. The last thing you want is to lose it all to a scam artist in your later years. Kathleen Duke will discuss ways you can keep it from happening to you and your loved ones.

Get Clarity About Your Money

Master Class: Invest in Yourself - Waiting for Perfection

The third and final seminar in Diane Manuel's FREE financial Master Class series to help you "Get Clarity about Your Money & Wealth"


At Urban Wealth Management, our mission is to create a supportive and secure environment where women are encouraged to be engaged in their financial affairs and take ownership in creating the life they desire and deserve. Our vision is that every woman should live a life of her design, using her wealth to fulfill her dreams, enjoy her passions, and expand her interests. If you’re ready to begin the journey, connect with us for a complimentary half-hour chat.