Slam Your Scammers: A Smart Women/Savvy Money Podcast

Woman boxing about to punch
Thursday, June 11, 2020 (All day)

Protect Yourself and Strike Back at Scammers

You know how common scams have become these days. Phone scams prey on our uncertainty and politeness. Convincing "phishing" emails try to fool you into giving up good information. It's frustrating, but with a little knowledge, you can fight back. In our June Smart Women/Savvy Money Podcast, "Tech Diva" Zenobia Millet joins us with important tips to empower you to recognize and resist technology-based scams. Technology is a fact of life. So don't let scammers scare you—take control and fight back!

Zenobia Millet is the founder of Media Technologies MarketPlace, which aims to make technology "touchable" by helping companies and individuals eliminate their fears and embrace their tools. She is a successful serial entrepreneur, whose other business ventures include luxury car-rental agency Klassy Kars Rental Services of Palm Springs, and The Funding Boutique, which connects small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups with working capital and investors. Zenobia is active and well regarded among L.A.'s community of audio engineers and multimedia producers, and is also known for her deep love and extensive knowledge of jazz. Her online programs Tech Diva and the Luxury Lifestyle Online TV Show and Jazz Sensuals Special on Mixcloud bring her worlds of tech and music together for the enlightenment and entertainment of her audiences.


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