Diane Manuel, CFP®

As an African American woman and as a financial advisor, I know what it means to be a bit confused and overwhelmed by some of our financial systems. My family wasn’t privy to all the different opportunities to create wealth. The terminology. The presentation. The code words that everyone assumes are common knowledge. What does all this mean to someone or for me personally? Remaining in the dark is not an option.

When do we find the time to get our financial lives in order? As women, we’re busy and trying to move forward — personally and professionally. It’s hard to stop and do the research and analysis required to be at the top of our financial game when there is so much more going on.

As a result, I’m committed to guiding women executives, professionals, and managers toward implementing financial strategies in a way that supports their dreams and aspirations. I know there’s a lot you want to do in your life. I feel the same way too.

On my journey to build this movement to empower women, I have authored multiple articles published in Investopedia, MarketWatch, and Financial Planning Magazine focused on finance, women, and philanthropy.

A native of Los Angeles, I enjoy 5K runs, the beach, wine tasting, photography, and walking with friends. My undergraduate degree is from the University of Southern California (Go Trojans!). My Ph.D. and M.B.A. are from Claremont Graduate University.

Education, life experiences, and passion drive our movement. I’m devoted to the following approach, because this is what I’d want a Financial Advisor to do for me:

Listen and not judge. 
Encourage me to step outside my comfort zone.
Guide me to dream big so that I can live the life I desire.