How to be Savvy With Your Money Even in Times of Stress and Grief

Change is especially hard when it touches your personal and home life. Every day, women find themselves newly single—sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Divorce and widowhood change your whole world and drive major changes in your legal and financial status. Even for the most financially savvy, these changes can take you by surprise—and could have far-reaching effects on your finances, investments, future plans, and family. How can you remain savvy about your money while you are going though grief and stress? It’s never easy, but knowing what’s ahead can make things easier to navigate. Anticipating the decisions you’ll need to make—and having some of them already made—is powerful and can keep you from layering one form of stress on top of another.

Anna Felix has experienced unexpected life-altering change first-hand. After becoming a widow in 2010, she made it her goal to educate and empower others to take steps to insulate themselves from financial distress. She shares strategies for managing financial accounts, investments, insurance, beneficiaries, etc.—so you can make savvy decisions even in a stressful time.

About Our Guest
Anna Felix

Anna Felix is a California native and Smart Money Strategist. Her background is in education and linguistic intelligence. Her roles as wife, mother, interpreter, business consultant, and business owner were fulfilling and brought her happiness. When she became a widow in 2010, she felt that she needed to become more financially savvy. Her search left her feeling that there had to be better information. She decided to turn her pain into purpose, and today she empowers her clients with financial strategies that can help make them financially bulletproof.