March 14, 2019, 1 to 1:30pm PDT

What holds you back in life... Your skill set? Or your mindset? A robust skill set is obviously vital to success, but skills have a limited shelf-life: software becomes obsolete, factories re-tool, and businesses pivot. In each case, and in every career, people with the ability to handle transition, to re-orient toward deeper purpose, and to elevate others in the process will outperform those who remain mired in old habits and frameworks.

Looking on the bright side can lead you down a stronger and better path. Science says so! Even when we have bad days and difficult moments, the science of optimism can lead you to a better place. How can imagining the future calm your nerves and help you make better decisions? Can optimism be a tool that you use every day? Absolutely! Haley Barrows of the USC Performance Science Institute joins us to share share how your perceptions about the future can impact your life and ways you can begin to train your mind for high performance in any domain of your life.

About Our Guest
Haley Barrows

Haley Barrows is a Project Specialist at at the USC Performance Science Institute. With a background in psychology and sports performance, she is interested in using science to help people perform in high-pressure environments. This post was originally published on Thrive Global.