August 13, 2015, 1 to 1:30pm PDT

Are you using your cell phone efficiently and effectively? While many of us use our phones for both business and pleasure, we often forget how much our phones can do to make our lives easier. It’s time to see your phone in a new light and learn how to take advantage of all it has to offer. The Tech Diva, Zenobia Millet, will demystify your phone and explain how it can become your ultimate business accessory and an extension of your personal lifestyle, all while maintaining the level of professionalism you desire.

About Our Guest

Entrepreneur and entertainment technology maven Zenobia Millet, a.k.a. the “Tech Diva”, is the founder of Media Technologies MarketPlace and host of the weekly online show, “Tech Diva & The Luxury Lifestyle.” Her show covers technology tools and toys, news and trends, and passionate living experiences with guests from around the world—interspersed with funk, acid, fusion jazz, and in-studio jam sessions.