February 8, 2018, 1 to 1:30pm PST

Hello? Can you hear me?” We often hear two clichés about women and men: “Women are more emotional and less analytical,” and “Men don’t ask for directions…and get lost.” Gender Intelligence is the ability to understand, appreciate, and use traits that tends to distinguish men and women beyond the obvious biological and cultural factors—including mindset and behavioral differences that affect our communication style. Being aware of how and why people think and act can begin to help us understand gender-related experiences and engage with people more effectively in the workplace and other areas of life. Devra Korwin, of INTERACTIONS Transformative Coaching & Consulting, looks at gender dynamics and makes suggestions for building gender intelligence and improving communication in the workplace and outside.

About Our Guest
Devra Korwin

Devra Korwin is a Certified Transition and Retirement Coach and a Professional Certified Coach. She works to help people achieve their goals, enhance their lives, assess and address challenges, and implement solutions.