October 12, 2017, 1 to 1:30pm PDT

It’s inevitable that “the cloud” is touching your business as well as your personal life. Banking, medicine, commerce, and education—to name a few—all rely on “big data” and “the cloud” to provide us with service on demand. When you synchronize your computers and mobile devices, for instance, you are also using “the cloud” to keep you organized effortlessly. So what exactly is “the cloud”? What should you know? And why should you care? In this webinar, Tech Diva Zenobia Millett discusses the ins and outs and pros and cons of “the cloud”. You’ll not only step away with great food for thought, but you’ll also learn three uses of “the cloud” to help you run with the “big dogs”, as well as important security tips.

About Our Guest

Entrepreneur and entertainment technology maven Zenobia Millet, a.k.a. the “Tech Diva”, is the founder of Media Technologies MarketPlace and host of the weekly online show, “Tech Diva & The Luxury Lifestyle.” Her show covers technology tools and toys, news and trends, and passionate living experiences with guests from around the world—interspersed with funk, acid, fusion jazz, and in-studio jam sessions.