René's Story: Why We Do This

My Story, My Inspiration

My siblings and I were raised by a strong and independent woman. At the age of 35, she returned to Graduate school to obtain a Master’s degree, while raising three children on her own.  And while she stressed the importance of saving money, financial and investment matters were never discussed.  When she was diagnosed with dementia in 2012, and had to manage her finances, we realized that we would need to take care of her for the rest of her life. In effect, we had become her retirement and long term care plan. Our mother passed in August of 2017 and while she will be deeply missed, we know that she was one of the lucky ones: she had her family to support and care for her. 

There are many women who are strong, ambitious and independent like her, yet have neglected to consider the risk of longevity and the importance of making the right financial decisions today so that they can have a comfortable lifestyle tomorrow. SWSM was formed to provide a safe, secure environment where women are encouraged to learn, explore and feel confident about making sound financial decisions.  Our vision is that every woman lives the life she desires and deserves.  Join our Smart Women ~ Savvy Money Club and you’ll discover ways to get savvier with your money.