From Hunkering Down to Being Bold

What’s your mindset? Are you hunkering down? Living in neutral? Or being bold?

Sometimes everything seems overwhelming. And sometimes our lives feel manageable. But most times, we’re probably landing in neutral. Merely doing the things that allow us to get by.

Now is a different time.

My challenge to you is to take this opportunity to create a new space for yourself. Instead of hunkering down, be bold. Be brave. Be daring.

Start something new. Or finish what you’ve started.

My new client, Alex, decided to stop wavering. To stop living in the quagmire of uncertainty. Alex is smart and busy. And with the onset of COVID-19, her life changed up a bit. Working from home. Managing her employees, managing her family, including her children, differently than she has before.

All Alex wanted to do was to keep her employees working and her family safe from harm. They rarely went out. Her children were studying online and watching Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Together, her family talked about inequity, social unrest, and the upcoming elections.

Eventually Alex realized that she was not doing all she could do to keep her family well. The part that was missing was money. Finances.

After some self-reflection, Alex realized that she was tired of “hunkering down” about money. Not talking about it. Doing the same things she has always done.

She has been making decisions about her money for years. She has studied, been online, read a lot, and listened to Suze Orman. Always assuming it’s all going to work out.

Now, she wants to be bold. Set goals and clear intentions.

As confident as she is that she could eventually figure everything out, she knows that time could be better spent with her family, her job, and managing her employees.

Alex was ready to get out of neutral and be brave enough to do something differently. She acknowledged that she wasn’t as confident as she could be. She felt she could make better decisions. She realized that she was not simply planning for herself. The stakes were big. Her financial decisions impacted her whole family.

Alex hired me and the results have been fabulous:

  • She is intentional about her money.
  • She is clear about her priorities.
  • She is confident about the decisions she makes.

Of course, Alex is a pseudonym. However, her transformational experience in the last few months is indicative of many conversations I’ve had recently with many amazing women.

I share this story to encourage you to stop hunkering down, to get out of neutral, and to be brave, bold, and strategic about your money and finances.

I know this, as a Black woman in the United States: in this time and space, I don’t see any other options. This is your challenge: take financial control of your life. Now. Because hunkering down and living in neutral gets you nowhere.

Now is the time to be courageous.

About the Author

Diane Manuel is a former UWM advisor. She worked closely with René for 5+ years, helping grow the Smart Women/Savvy Money Club. In 2021, Diane joined Adasina Social Capital as Director, Foundation & Client Relationships, pursuing her passion of creating investment strategies that support racial and social justice. Diane has been active in service and philanthropy most of her life, from her first job at the Watts–Willowbrook Boys’ & Girls’ Club to current roles with the Carter Center Philanthropy Council and the Women’s Foundation of California. Diane holds a BA from USC and a PhD in Psychology and MBA from Claremont Graduate University. She has authored articles in Investopedia, MarketWatch, and Financial Planning Magazine on finance, women, and philanthropy. An LA native, she enjoys 5Ks, the beach, wine tasting, photography, and walking with friends.