Like we always say, when it comes to your money, it’s important to think ahead—because forward thinking equals smart planning. Following this train of thought leads us to our next topic of conversation: the fund prospectus.

What is the Purpose of a Fund Prospectus? 

When choosing or looking into new investment opportunities, it’s crucial to do your research to assess whether or not a certain investment is right for you. Reading through a fund prospectus will give you the tools and information you need to make your decision, while answering key questions about a particular mutual fund such as:

  • What types of securities does this fund invest in?
  • What is the fund's historical long-term rate of return?
  • How much has the return fluctuated in the past?
  • How does the fund's performance compare with that of the underlying market?
  • Is the fund seeking income or capital growth?
  • What risk factors are associated with the fund?
  • What time frame is appropriate for an investor in this fund?
  • What are the fees and expenses associated with this particular fund?
  • How do I purchase and redeem shares?

Where Can I Find a Fund Prospectus?

A fund prospectus is issued free by the fund provider. They should be available on the fund’s website. They typically range in size from ten to twenty pages, and include a table of contents so you can jump right to the key details you are interested in.

To make things easier, each fund prospectus has the same template, and is required to keep the same pieces of information in the same place across the board, so as soon as you start familiarizing yourself with the layout, you’ll be an expert at navigating the fund prospectus.

Image:, adamr