Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

Are you ready? I’ve met all kinds of people over the years, at all ages and stages — and all different kinds of “ready”. Are you ready to embrace your new life? Keep reading… You could be closer than you think! Which one of these sounds like you?

1. Ready and Rolling

These people have already taken the first steps toward embracing change in their lives. They know what works for them. They know what they want to achieve. And they’ve already reshaped their lives to make room for the changes they’re seeking.

What does someone like this need with a coach? Structure and knowledge. Even an elite athlete like Serena Williams has a coach to help her stay on top of her game. Many celebrities at the top of their professions do the same.

If this is you, then the one thing you need to remember is to be open to your coach’s guidance. You’ve gotten this far. Your coach can help you reach new levels of greatness — if you let her.

2. Ready and Willing

Some people are so ready to change that they’re practically leaping off the starting line — they just need a little push to get going, and some motivation to stay the course. They’ve realized that their current habits and mindset are working against them. They have a pretty realistic idea about where they want to go, even if they don’t have all the details worked out.

What these people need are accountability and guidance. They need someone to stay with them, to help them keep moving toward their goals, and to help guide them through the decisions down the road that they haven’t anticipated.

If you are here, then trust me — when you get rolling, you are going to do great things. The important thing to do is to listen to your coach. And give her feedback, too, about what really works for you and what’s only OK. Let’s be honest — once you start, not every day is going to be super-fantastic goal-smashing. Change is hard work, and it takes time! But over time you will see your goals getting closer and closer. And the next thing you know, you’ll be making new ones.

3. Ready and Waiting

Some people want to change their lives… or at least they want their lives to change. But they can’t quite see how to take the first step, or they have trouble believing that they can really do it. These people are right on the cusp — the tipping point of being ready. It’s a special place to be. We’ve all been there.

What people need most at this stage is encouragement to take the plunge, and inspiration to trust their vision for a better future.

If this is where you are, take heart! You’ve already taken the first step toward change, just by realizing that things don’t have to stay the same forever. Think about your vision and what your first step toward it is. Ask yourself what’s holding you back from that first step. Often it’s a practical concern like money or family. I get it! Sometimes reality has you under a rock, and you feel you need stay there to protect yourself — personally, financially, or otherwise. Concerns like this can look like huge, insurmountable roadblocks, and make you feel like you’re not ready.

The author running on the beach

But hang on! You’re closer to ready than you think. Trust your vision. Start figuring out what to do to make room in your life for the changes you want. Push ahead and commit to that action. And when you do… guess what? Doors will open. It’s true! New resources or opportunities will come through that you didn’t expect — because you never asked. Roadblocks will come down… or you will find a different route. It happens when you “go all in” and commit to action — and it doesn’t happen until you commit.

What do you need from your coach at this stage? First, you need someone who will help you refine your vision and design a roadmap to make it reality. Second, you need someone to help you understand your priorities and carve out space for you amid the chaos of uncertainty. Most importantly, you need a coach who will focus on your whole life, not just one part of it.

Take Action

So let me ask again… Are you ready? Maybe a better question is — what are you ready for? However far along you are in transforming your life, take confidence! When you take action, look out — change will blossom in your life!

Ready… Set… Go!

About the Author

Wendy Ida (EE-da) is an internationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, TV host, life transformation coach and fitness expert, Guinness World Record holder, and eight-time award-winning National Fitness Champion. She won the Indie literary award for her book, Take Back Your Life: My No Nonsense Approach to Health Fitness and Looking Good Naked! You can learn more about Wendy by visiting www.wendyida.com or her YouTube channel.