When Getting Dressed is Stress

We’ve all done it. Stared into the closet for an excruciating five minutes (or more!) trying to invent an outfit to wear. Then hastily put on a shirt, only to discover during your commute that you’re wearing the wrong bra. Skipped an event because you believed you had nothing to wear in a closet full of clothes.

Stop the madness! You can by embracing a Planned Wardrobe.

With adequate planning and knowledge of what is in your closet, you can eliminate the stress of getting dressed. Here’s how:

1. Organize your closet, drawers, and shoe space

 Schedule a four-hour uninterrupted appointment with yourself. During this time, organize your closet by item and color. Get rid of any clothing that is stained or does not fit your current sizing.

Take an inventory of the folded items in your drawers. Often these items are hidden and forgotten. If you have space, hang knit sweaters on felt hangers for visibility. Fold your bras and panties and match up your socks. Get rid of items that do not fit.

Store away seasonal shoes. Special occasion or lifestyle-specific shoes should be kept clear of the visual space in your closet. Store your everyday shoes out of their boxes and on a shoe rack so you will not forget about them. Get rid of uncomfortable shoes, and repair shoes with scuff marks, missing heel caps, or worn-down heels.

2. Schedule a weekly wardrobe prep day

Dedicate two hours before the start of the week to plan your wardrobe for the whole week. Sunday afternoons often work well for this. Consider the weather and your week’s activities in planning.

Coordinate your wardrobe into outfits. From undergarments to shoes, everything should be prearranged. Be certain to try everything on to make sure it all fits well and goes together. (Don’t forget accessories!)

Lay it out and snap! Take pictures of all your coordinated looks and organize them in your phone’s photo gallery. As your planning progresses, this will help you recall what you’ve worn.

Hang your week of outfits together. Keep them in the front of your closet or on a valet bar if that is an option. Now you can grab and go!

3. Live stress-free!

Enjoy more time for what matters. With dedicated planning, you will have an extra five to fifteen minutes every day. This could mean enjoying a better breakfast, morning meditation, or even extra sleep. Whatever you choose, your life will be better because you planned for success.

About the Author

Jana Coke is the principal consultant in her eponymous full-service wardrobe consulting company, Jana Coke Style. Described as “the wardrobe whisperer,” she provides luxury shopping experiences and wardrobe solutions to women of influence. Her knack for purposeful shopping and coordinating a curated wardrobe was shaped by 20 years of professional experience in the fashion industry. Jana’s contributions to the Los Angeles fashion scene have been recognized in nominations for the 2017 and 2018 Los Angeles Business Journal Fashion Awards. She maintains partnerships with retailers including South Coast Plaza, Nordstrom, Escada, MaxMara, and Jimmy Choo. Jana is a licensed Christian minister who views her wardrobe consulting company as an extension of her ministry.