Welcoming the Newest Member of the Urban Wealth Management Team

This year, Black History Month has a special meaning for the women of Urban Wealth Management as they welcome back former intern Carol Jones, now joining the team as a Financial Planning Assistant.

Passiondrive, and commitment are three words that describe this young woman who shares Urban Wealth Management’s vision to “help clients create the lifestyle they desire.”

A Millennial on a Mission to Empower Others through Financial Literacy

“As a millennial black woman who is the first in my family to graduate from college and pursue financial services, it is paramount that I continue the path to serve, and educate others in financial literacy, and learn and grow in the field,” says Carol. "Millennials today are still recovering from the recession and now a pandemic and are in need of more accessible resources regarding budgeting, investing, and even financial therapy. No matter what our skin color is or how young or old we are, generational wealth should be accessible to all who desire to achieve it. UWM's founder and CEO, René Nourse, is a dynamic leader and role model for women who desire to pursue the financial planning industry, and it is such a blessing to return and work for UWM. I look forward to connecting with our clients and contribute to the continued growth and success of the firm.”

“Imagine working with a diverse power team of women who are making a tremendous impact in their communities and emboldening women to achieve their life’s financial dreams. That is Urban Wealth Management. I felt so grateful to intern with the firm in 2018 and then become a Financial Planning Apprentice. And now I am so humbled to be back as the Financial Planning Assistant. Working with this team of women has transformed my life, and to see the passionate work they do for their clients inspires me.” — Carol Jones

As a millennial woman of color, Carol brings a unique mix of her own personal experience with money and the education she’s acquired on the job and in college. Talking about money is a conversation we all need to embrace, whether it be with amigas/friends, our sisters, or our parents. For Black and Latino communities, it’s often not something we want to bring up at the kitchen table. But what better way to get to know someone than by asking questions? In honor of Black History Month, here is a candid conversation about money/dinero between a Latina marketing gal, Angelica Urquijo, and a Black finance gal:

Carol Opens Up About Money

Angelica: What money mistake has taught you an important lesson?

Carol: Charging too many expenses to credit cards. I learned the hard way that high credit utilization and high interest rates on credit cards creates an incredible strain on finances and I realized how important it is to keep debts low.

AU: What does wealth mean to you?

CJ: I am focused on building generational wealth, so for me that means to live a full life (mentally, physically, spiritually), to be healthy, and to build a legacy on rooted in purpose that includes financial wealth and education that I can pass on to my family.

AU: What money advice would you offer yourself if you were a recent college grad or young professional in the midst of the pandemic?

CJ: The money advice I would offer my younger self, just graduating from college during a pandemic, would be to never give up, make the best of this situation and connect with like-minded mentors and those who are on an upward trajectory to where I desire to be. I would advise myself to find ways to help others during this pandemic and to do some soul-searching to determine how I can make a difference in difficult times. I am always reminded that mindset is key. When we shift our thought patterns and speak life over ourselves, we become stronger and motivated to keep going.

AU: What are three money tips for millennials to help set them on the path to financial independence?

CJ: First, save more! Period! You never know what life emergencies may come your way. Second, contribute to your retirement. If you are working for an employer that offers a retirement plan, and even better an employer match, take it! Best thing I ever did in my life! Third, invest in YOU. Surround yourself with financial education and learn how to invest and create multiple streams of income. Find ways to take your multiple skills and talents and use them. Write that book, create that blog, and take a class to acquire an added skill that could create income. Invest in yourself!

AU: As we celebrate Black History Month, what advice would you like to share with other young black women about their relationship with money?

CJ: This is an excellent question. I would say do not be afraid of those sensitive money conversations. Take the steps to review your financial situation, no matter how much debt, student loans or whatever you may be facing. Create a spreadsheet and list out your bills, expenses and savings and income. See what memberships, spending habits you can scale back on (e.g., Hulu, Netflix, shopping online… Amazon!). The sooner we face our fears about money, the sooner we can take the steps to financial independence and no step is too big or small, the key is to get started!


AU: You returned to Urban Wealth Management. What makes the team unique? What prompted you to leave your role with a major financial institution?

CJ: Yes! I was so excited to return to UWM and be a part of the movement to transform the way we view financial advising and to help empower and equip women and families to become smarter about their money. I am connected to the mission of UWM and want to be a part of the change and advancement of the firm.

AU: Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

CJ: I would like to share Episode 74 of Lauryn Williams’ “Worth Listening” podcast. I was featured as a guest, and you can find it here or on your streaming podcast apps. Enjoy!

Welcome home, Carol. We look forward to catching up again soon for another candid conversation about millennials, women of color, and changing the conversation around money in our Black and Brown communities.

Here’s to your success, Carol Jones, MBA!

About the Author
Angelica Urquijo

Angelica Urquijo is a bilingual public relations professional with more than 10 years’ experience in broadcast journalism and strong ties to the Latino community. She is passionate about storytelling and making a difference in the community.