We have all been told time and time again that first impressions are everything. And yes, it is true!

But as a personal stylist for professionals, I like to think of it this way: “Your wardrobe is your visual business card.”

Your wardrobe is how you present yourself professionally to the world. It is what everyone sees first and will instantly use to develop a perception about you, your work, and the success of your company.

No pressure, right?

Well, it shouldn’t be!

Think about it this way: a wardrobe is a professional marketing tool. It can enhance your interactions, create a great energy around you, and can give off the success vibe wherever you go—when it's done right and is right for you, of course. A marketing tool like that should be budgeted into your business—just like you budget for social media marketing, supplies, and entertainment expenses. When you create a budget for your professional dress, you will start to make more conscious decisions about how you dress and how you shape your wardrobe to match the image you want to give off to the world.


Our image and our professional dress work together hand in hand to represent the most dynamic professional you. Don’t you think that deserves a budget? I certainly do! 

It’s about time you address the status of your dress, don’t you think? You are worth investing in.

Whether your budget is $500, $1500, or even $5,000, look for these qualities: great tailoring, interesting textures, pieces that make you feel confident, and timeless shapes.

Defining your professional style is all about being purposeful with your choices and strategic with your budget and always putting your best foot forward—a stylish one at that!

About the Author

Laurie Brucker, a.k.a. LaurieBstyle, is the founder of is a certified image consultant, personal stylist, community leader, and motivational speaker. She has been named L.A.’s go-to stylist by the Los Angeles Times, as well as L.A.’s best personal stylist by CBS. In addition to her consulting business, Laurie contributes style commentary to the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Washington Post, ABC News, CBS News, KTLA News, as well as many magazines.