It’s easy for us to settle into a groove in our life only to find out that it has become more of a rut that we’re trapped in than a groove we’re enjoying. Breaking out of that rut is often a key focus, especially as we begin a new year.

I’ve seen it so many times that it doesn’t surprise me anymore. I’ve found that several key steps can have a big impact on your success at giving yourself a fresh start.

Some examples include:

  • Take up a new hobby. A new hobby can be a sport too, such as tennis, rowing or skating. The idea is to include something in your life that’s routinely active or something that keeps you in motion. Whether it’s one that you’ve always wanted to try or something out of the blue, trying a new hobby can help create a path to a fresh you.
  • Take classes. Local community colleges regularly have classes on everything from painting to electrical engineering. Look at some of the enrichment classes and consider learning something truly new to you.
  • Join clubs or local organizations that appeal to you. This could be a local yoga club, a dance club or a local movie club that watches a movie each week and meets up afterwards to discuss it. No matter what the path might be, try to find a group where you can include some activity and you can step out of your comfort zone with.
  • Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. That’s the key to breaking out of a rut: taking a step you wouldn’t normally take, no matter if it is in your professional or personal life.

These tips are just starting points worth considering, but they can form the foundation of success when you’re ready to take your life to a different place.

Breaking out of that rut isn’t always easy, but it is something that you CAN do! So dare to do it—dare to be bold, and this year you will be able to take your life, health and body to the next level!

Wendy’s Wisdom

  1. My mission is to get you the information and support you need to succeed, in order to create the life you’ve dreamed of and the healthy strong body you desire.
  2. As a domestic violence survivor, now in my 60s, I have gone from the depths of despair to the triumphant highs of championships.
  3. That’s why I believe that it doesn’t matter what age you are, where you come from, or what you’ve been through. It is never too late to take back your life!
  4. You are capable of making extraordinary things happen, too.
About the Author

Wendy Ida (EE-da) is an internationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, TV host, life transformation coach and fitness expert, Guinness World Record holder, and eight-time award-winning National Fitness Champion. She won the Indie literary award for her book, Take Back Your Life: My No Nonsense Approach to Health Fitness and Looking Good Naked! You can learn more about Wendy by visiting or her YouTube channel.