If you ask your kids what they thought about money, I bet you’d be surprised by their answers. Even more surprising is that you’ll also learn something about yourself. That’s because kids’ behavior and attitudes are a reflection of their parents’ views.

Let’s face it, home is where most people learn about personal finances. However, many people never compare their own financial habits with how their parents managed money. Here are some questions you can ask your kids. While you’re at is, use this as an opportunity to reflect on your own personal habits and how you can help them become more savvy about handling money. 

  • What is money?
  • Where does money come from?
  • Name one thing you would buy if you had $100.
  • What is a budget?
  • Why should you save money?

I’m curious about the answers you’ll receive, as well as your own personal observations. Let us know how it goes, and we might feature your (anonymously, if you prefer) in a future blog or newsletter.

Photo:, stockimages