Keep Your Wealth Tight

Keep Your Wealth Tight

Dang! Can you believe it? The decade is almost over!

I want to make sure that the 2020s begin with you making even better decisions and living an even better life!

As you stay on track toward financial freedom, let’s take a minute and live in the present. Let’s make sure the decisions you make today don’t sidetrack you from your intentions.

It’s that crazy time of year. Families. Friends. Parties.

Money. Money. Money.

I want you to know… You have a choice.

You can spend money. Or you can keep your money tight.

You’ve worked hard all year to keep control of your financial situation and put in place your intentions to start 2020 in a better place than you started 2019.

I know the holidays can be difficult. We all want to see the movies, go to the parties, hit the sales (online and at the malls), and be with our friends and family.

What did I used to do?

  • Go shopping with my friends to buy gifts for others and me!
  • Go to the Flower Market to buy new amazing flowers.
  • Go to Target to get new lights and decorations… Every. Single. Year.

The result: A credit card bill that took three months to pay off.

Now what do I do?

  • Go out with friends. No shopping required.
  • Minimal flowers, and keep it special.
  • Repurposed decorations. (They actually look pretty good!)

You’ve come a long way in 2019. I want to you to stay on track and keep up the good work.

These thoughts are to encourage you to stay focused. Stay on your own financial roadmapThis is your best set-up for 2020.

Remember, you have options. And “No” is always an option.

Keep your wealth tight, and happy holidays!