How Money Plays a Part In Your Health

How Money Plays a Part In Your Health

There is nothing more stressful than feeling stressed out about your finances. It is also no secret that stress is major contributor to some of our scariest diseases and other health issues.

When we get stressed, we go into attack mode-- our heart rate increases, blood pressure spikes, muscles tense, adrenaline flows, and your body releases a number of different hormones to succumb to our fight or flight instinct. Over time, these changes can have an extremely negative impact on your body.

The Associated Press did a study that compared those with high levels of stress due to financial hardship compared to those who had low levels. The study found that those with financial stress were twice as likely to have a heart attack.

Some other Health Risks with Financial Stress Include:

·      Ulcers or digestive tract problems

·      Headaches or Migraines

·      Depression

·      Muscle Tension or Lower Back Pain

The Good News

The good news is that studies have also found that those people that plan ahead financially overwhelmingly more likely to be less stressed, more confident, and consequently healthier. These people are more likely to save for retirement, attend financial-training programs, and feel like they are more in control of their finances and their futures.

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