Guest Blog: Get Ready to Sparkle and Shine in Every Interview

Guest Blog: Get Ready to Sparkle and Shine in Every Interview

By Yasmeen Muqtasid, solutions and communications leader and creator of Rich Black Woman

An interview is like an audition.

Hundreds of candidates have submitted their résumés. Software, backed by AI (artificial intelligence), scans the cauldron of resumes for key words and descriptions that match the original job posting. Meanwhile, inside the company to which you just submitted your résumé, employees are working behind the scenes to refer their besties, and using their internal networks to bypass the normal ranks of command to get in front of the hiring manager.

All of this can sound overwhelming. Well, it is. That’s why when it comes to making a career transition, you have to be intentional, purposeful, and patient.

Assuming you have written an eye-catching cover letter that grabs people's attention, and you’ve gotten a request for a phone call, what do you do next?

Here are a few tips to consider as you put on a performance and win over each casting director. Because that’s what the interview process is often like — a Broadway audition. You may not need to sing like a Disney Princess, but how do you ensure you sparkle, you shine, and you get a call back?

Step 1: Treat every conversation like your last.

From that very first Human Resources recruiter call, you want to show what you are bringing to the table with energy and enthusiasm. Bringing positive energy is key when doing a phone interview. You are not there in person so you need to exude confidence and you need to make a connection. Be aware of your tone of voice, your speech, your "umms." Clear your throat, warm up your vocals, laugh a little before the call, have some water nearby, and prepare to tell a little bit about your story. Tease them and make them want a second date.

Step 2: So the hiring manager wants to meet you.

It’s show time. Preparation is key. Think about how you want to show up. What do you want that hiring manager to feel when you leave the interview? What details about who you are and your personal ethic do you want them to understand? What examples, what narrative will you share? How will you guide the conversation?

Step 3: You want to interview them, too.

They thought it was just a one-way street, with only you auditioning. Nope. They are being evaluated too. You want to go to the right place, the right team, the right environment that aligns with your strengths and your personal goals. What do you want and need in your next role? Be prepared with several questions to find out what their vision is. How do they interact with their direct reports? What does it look like to be successful on their team?

For the best tips on how to seal the deal, be sure to listen to the entire podcast here.

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If Yasmeen Muqtasid could have a superpower, it would be to let anyone to walk in the shoes of another; she believes this would put an end to our world’s most pressing social and moral problems. Yasmeen is a solutions and communications leader with a passion for all people and cultures. She has more than 20 years of experience at the intersection of marketing, sales, brand communications, and business development and is the creator of Rich Black Woman, a lifestyle destination for Black women entrepreneurs and professionals to build wealth for themselves, families and their communities.