Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

My Service in the Nonprofit World

My very first job, as a teenager, was with the Watts-Willowbrook Boys and Girls club—a nonprofit located in the heart of a Black and Brown community in Los Angeles. I have continued this service-minded, mission-driven work as an adult—either through jobs or as a volunteer.

Currently, I serve as the Board Chair of the Women’s Foundation of California. It’s an amazing opportunity to work with Board Members from across the state. We all come to our work with big hearts and big goals, with one clear mission: to support racial, economic, and gender justice.

The by-product of serving as a volunteer and sharing board rooms with people from different communities is that I’m able to form friendships with people who otherwise would have never been in my orbit. By working on a like-minded mission, we’ve bonded over ideas, strategies, and perspectives. More importantly, we’ve become friends.

When I have had jobs at nonprofits and foundations, or when I've served on committees, councils and advisory boards, I’ve had the privilege of working and serving alongside my LatinX colleagues. I cherish these experiences. Learning how we are the same and different. Honoring each person individually. Appreciating and celebrating their history and culture.

I know that I could not be as effective in my work without each one of these individuals at my side.

Living in California, and specifically Los Angeles, allows me to get out of my personal bubble. To work with like-minded people from a variety of communities. Having my LatinX brothers and sisters at my side has made the work more enjoyable and more heartfelt. There is nothing like having buddies and allies by your side when there is important work to be done.

Lucky. That’s my perspective. I’m grateful that my LatinX partners and collaborators have been with me while we worked on issues supporting children, women, and social justice. Essentially, I have to remember that if I want to change the world, I can’t do it alone. I need amazing and awesome people by my side.

Therefore, to all my LatinX buddies who have stood by me and supported me, I want to say, "Thanks."

I appreciate you and I’m grateful for your support. And, remember, I’m always there for you.

This October, let’s all celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.