Financial Advisor

I never thought I would leave a career in higher education, especially after earning my doctorate. However, my interest in the financial services industry began in 2007 with unexpected family tragedies. Both my mom and grandmother passed away within a 6-month timespan, and I was responsible for finalizing their financial affairs. Doing so got me thinking about my own life and mortality as a single woman. Like many professional women, I realized that I lacked the financial knowledge and confidence to grow and protect my wealth.

So began my quest to learn everything I could to improve my own personal finances. Before I knew it, I was leaving behind my career built around education to help other single women who wanted the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that they could take care of themselves whether or not they had help from a spouse/partner, children, and/or their family.

However, as a former educator, I also had a nagging desire to stay connected to my education roots. My twenty years of experience in various roles at local colleges and universities helps me provide clients with invaluable insight on how to succeed academically and navigate the appropriate financial path.

So, in addition to helping single women, I also have an added focus on what I refer to as all-things education — providing comprehensive financial advising to educators, administrators, and faculty at the K–12 or college level; helping families with college-bound students with college planning and funding; and assisting individuals with strategies to repay their student loan debts — all of which enable me to bridge my love for finance and education.

Although I am no longer in a formal educational setting, I am still an educator at heart and passionate about Educating, Empowering, and Equipping individuals with the knowledge to make more informed decisions about their money.

I earned my bachelor’s degree from UCLA and my master’s degree from Pepperdine University. I completed my doctoral studies at the University of Southern California (USC), earning an Ed.D. in Higher Education. Thus, I proudly say, “Go Bruins!” “Go Waves!” and, yes… “Go Trojans!” (don’t hate me).

I truly believe that education is the great equalizer. I’m on a mission to ensure that an education is affordable and attainable for all, and to help single women feel confident and in control of their money and destiny.