Past Events

Aging in Place — Having the Conversation

You know it’s important to plan for your own future and help your kids build good financial habits. What about older loved ones? Join us for this timely webinar on planning ahead to care for aging loved ones.

The Basics of Investing: Beyond the Piggy Bank

Over the years, we’ve had many requests for a “Basics of Investing” training course. We listened, and we’re happy to announce a new series of five sessions.

Hack-proof Your Life — A Smart Women 20/10 Webinar

"Tech Diva" Zenobia Millet is back for another informative Smart Women 20/10 Webinar with tips on protecting yourself from cyberattack.

René Nourse on CNBC's Closing Bell

René is back on CNBC's Closing Bell on Friday, March 31st, starting at 3 PM ET/12 noon PT.

Does Fear Get in the Way of Your Money Mojo? A Smart Women 20/10 Webinar

Whether it’s taking on investment risks, running out of money, or simply sitting down to look at your monthly bills, many of us can feel overwhelmed when it comes to money matters. Our March webinar will bring you practical ways to face and overcome your money fears so that you can be the financially savvy woman you were meant to be.

René Nourse on CNBC's Closing Bell

René is back on CNBC's Closing Bell on Monday, February 13th, starting at 3 PM ET/12 noon PT.

Reverse Mortgages — A Smart Women 20/10 Webinar

Another arrow in your planning quiver.... Once seen as an option of last resort, reverse mortgages are now potentially a key element in strategic financial and estate planning, thanks to improvements in transparency, procedure, and regulation. Janice Cohen has witnessed the transformation first-hand and will take us through the basics of what reverse mortgages may be able to accomplish for you...

Smart Women's Conference: New Year! New You!

See photos from our 2017 Smart Women ~ Savvy Money Conference: New Year. New You.

5 Ways to Up Your Money Game in 2017 — A Smart Women 20/10 Webinar

What are savvy women planning to do in the new year? Join René Nourse on Thursday, January 12th, at 1PM PT for the first Smart Women 20/10 webinar of 2017 to talk it over! Become part the Smart Women’s Club—women like you who are learning and doing what it takes to create the life they desire and deserve.

René Nourse on CNBC's Closing Bell

René Nourse helps close out the market day on Weds., Jan. 11th, with Kelly Evans & Bill Griffeth on CNBC’s Closing Bell.


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